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Chapter: Customising Theme

How to Change the Look and Feel.

How to Setup a Footer with Elementor on Seeko Theme

For WordPress users who have been used to Elementor, by now you are aware that it is a very genuine WordPress page builder which is worth doing more than designing page layouts. Nowadays one can create a custom footer using the page builder and set the footer to be used in the entire site or in several pages. The process […]

How to add Search form in Seeko theme

The Seeko Search plugin is used to find different members in the site depending on various filters. These filters are included in the search option as form fields. Only members who meet the specific information are shown in the results search page. In this tutorial, you will find out how to incorporate search fields in your Seeko homepage dating site. […]

How To Change the Seeko Logo To Your Own Logo

In this article we will show you how to customize your Seeko logo from The Stax Header builder plugin. Follow the below steps: Make sure that you have activated the plugin. Login to your WordPress admin panel, and access your dashboard. You can import a Stax header template from Seeko Panel if you like. From here there are two options […]

How to to speed up the Loading time on Seeko Theme

It is essential that you give visitors a very good user experience with fast loading site speed. Having fast loading speeds to the eye of a visitor represents how it’s like to work with your business, which is a convenient experience.  From Seeko customizer you will find an option to increase performance and speed loading times through the following ways: […]

How To Implement both Ajax and Facebook Login on Seeko

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to incorporate the Facebook login with JavaScript SDK and the Ajax login into your wordpress-based website using the seeko theme. Both Ajax and the facebook login with JavaScript SDK provide their own solutions to which you are able to login and access your account in the seeko theme. By default the Ajax login is […]

How To Use Seeko Theme With One Header Only

Follow this tutorial if you find your site showing two headers after importing demo content. Once the demos are imported the homepage displays two header menus from both demos as shown in the image below. In this tutorial we will consider that you are using the Dating template. Step 1: Once the Stax builder is open, it takes you to […]

Overriding a file with the child theme

You can override the parent theme files by copying them to the child theme and making any changes as needed. To do this you will need to connect to your host via SFTP/FTP or via your hosts file browser. Note: If you do not know your details to connect via SFTP/FTP then please contact your host for assistance. Download your […]

Saving Customizer Settings(Import/Export)

If after performing an action such as the following: Switching Themes Renaming Theme Activating Child Theme You notice that Customizer settings are lost or changed. This happens because Customizer settings are saved based on the active theme name. We recommend to export customizer settings and keep a backup just in case. For example, if you have been working with the […]

Introduction to the child theme

Child themes allow you to make small or large changes to the parent theme’s design or structure in an update safe way. Any changes made in the Seeko child theme override original files. To get started with using a child theme you’ll first need to have the Seeko theme installed, then install and activate the child theme that comes bundled […]


Seeko comes with some useful options to speed up your site loading times. Fast Loading Photos Lazy loading your images makes your site faster and this is built-in with Seeko. Seeko Fast Loading Photos uses a progressive loading method that improves page load performance and aesthetics. See example: https://seeko.seventhqueen.com/dating/blog/ How to customize? You can switch it on/off from WP admin – […]


All theme general settings are found under WP admin – Appearance – Customizer – Seeko options. Here you can find the following sections: Layout: Sidebar left, sidebar right or full page general layout. This can be changed also at page level Site colors: Change the overall site colors, buttons colors and background, Typography: Choose from hundreds of Google Fonts for […]