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Change theme logo, add and edit new menu, etc.

How to Customize Header and Footer sections in Typer

In this tutorial we shall look at how to customize both header and footer sections. These customisations can also be applied in case the user has not imported any demo content. Every WordPress site has these two sections and they are very important for various reasons such as navigation and display of custom features such as contact info. To get […]

Build a menu with Stax

Stax Header Builder is very intuitive and easy to use as you would have noticed already. Here we will show how to start building your menu with Stax. Let’s open the Stax Builder head to the editor. If you do not see any zone at the header, drag the header element to the top of your page. We have our […]

How to add Login and Register Modal

To Enable your Modal Login and Register you would need to activate the SQ Ajax Login Addon at Appearance – Seeko Panel Once done, go to your Menu panel at Appearance – Menu at the top of the page, open Screen Options and check SQ Login Check the Menu sidebar to find the special menu items and add them to your menu. […]

Trigger Search modal from Header button

To open the Seeko Search modal(popup) from an element in header, for example an image or button,  just make sure to follow these steps: Add an image element of your choice edit the element by clicking it Go to the Box settings tab Add these classes in the Class input: open-seeko-search trigger-trace Save your header. Note: The Search Modal can be trigger from anywhere […]

Change Header Menu Dropdown Trigger

If you want the social header item menus (left header menu) to also act as links and not just to open the dropdown with content, then you must change the how the menu drop down opens and set it to open on hover so you have the click to open the link. Change it from the Customizer Go to WP Admin > […]

Menu Customization

Menus area defined from WP Admin > Appearance > Menus. If you have imported the demo content you should already have the demo menu here, if not then you can create a new one. BuddyApp has three menu locations predefined: Main Menu (Side) Top Left Header Menu Top Right Header Menu You can assign menus to the header locations from WP Admin […]

Using ##profile_link## to build a dynamic BuddyPress profile menu

Since KLEO 2.4 and with BuddyPress / bbPress installed you’re able to add a link to your profile with ##profile_link## using the ‘Custom Links’ menu option. What does ##profile_link## do? ##profile_link## generates the path to your users profile, on most sites it will look something like this https://www.mydomain.com/members/username/ How can I use ##profile_link##? Go to Appearance > Menus > Select: desired menu […]