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Snippets, actions, filters, examples of changing theme using code

Override front user profile templates in the child theme

The front user profile plugin templates can be easily overridden in the child theme by copying the template files from the plugin folder to the child theme like in the example below : Example, copy the next file : wp-content/plugins/front-user-profile/templates/cover.php -> to the child theme in below location wp-content/themes/typer-child/overrides/front-profile/cover.php Example2 : And for the second one wp-content/plugins/front-user-profile/templates/components/author-box.php -> to the […]

Error 404 – Page not found

An Error 404 is generated when the browser is unable to find a page, image, video etc. It’s not unusual to see an Error 404 in WordPress and the most common cause is updating a custom post type or taxonomy, this can occur when updating a plugin. Resolving Error 404 Go to WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks and re-save […]

Troubleshooting an issue

Overview You may encounter various issues when building your site. This is especially true as you add more functionality from plugins and custom code. You can follow the below steps to isolate the issue you’re facing and potentially remedy the situation. For each of the steps below you will need to pure your browsers cache. This can be achieved in […]