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Chapter: Plugins

Plugins overview and settings.

Enabling BuddyPress Groups

When first installing BuddyPress, Groups module is not enabled by default and you need to activate it. Enable Groups Follow this easy steps to activate groups component: Go to  Wp admin – Settings – BuddyPress – Components. Make sure to check User Groups and click Save. Check that you have am empty groups page assigned to the Groups component in Wp admin – […]

Paid Memberships Pro

We added the option to add Memberships using awesome Paid Memberships PRO plugin: http://www.paidmembershipspro.com To install it you can do it from the Admin notification that should recommend you to install it or by going to WP admin – Plugins – Add and by doing a search for “Paid Memberships PRO” Before you get started… be sure to spend some time […]

rtMedia overview

rtMedia – Allow your users to upload media files from their profile. Formerly known as Buddypress Media brings exciting media features to your WordPress site Features Display media on WordPress author pages (eg:http://example.com/author/admin/media/) Media Attachment for WordPress comments on posts/pages (coming soon) BuddyPress Integration Adds media tab to BuddyPress Profiles and Groups. Attach media to activity status updates. Create activity […]

Membership additions

Seeko comes with extra particularities for Paid Memberships Pro. See them below: Register page integration In Seeko, PMPRO also integrates at the Register page, showing the levels of membership to choose from. After the account is confirmed and the user logs in, he will be redirected to the chosen level at checkout. Popular level You can define a level as […]

Membership overview

We added the option to add Memberships using awesome Paid Memberships PRO plugin: http://www.paidmembershipspro.com The plugin is FREE and it is integrated in our theme. You can purchase from the plugin official site a license code to enable access to VIP support and addons. To install it you can do it from the Admin notification that should recommend you to install […]

Matching System overview

Crafted to make it easier for your customers to find a compatible partner. Matching algorithm can be set by the site administrator and you can define profile fields that impact the total percentage. All the functionality is nicely wrapped in an add-on, provided for free. Edit Matching profile fields that impact the matching percentage from WP admin – Settings – […]

Seeko Search overview

Seeko Pro Search is a powerful tool that makes your search easier. With plenty of options you can quickly customize it to refine the search experience. You will find it in different forms: As an Elementor Element Easily add Seeko Search to any Elementor page by drag and drop. As a trigger Everywhere you need it. Easily integrate into any page […]

STAX Header Builder overview

STAX is a visual header builder plugin for WordPress enabling the creation of page headers in a live, visual way. This lets you focus on the look and design of your page headers, instead of tripping over the behind-the-scenes mechanics of building headers. Stax is developed and supported by us, SeventhQueen. Please head over the dedicated documentation page to learn […]

Elementor overview

The key difference is that you can reach a high level of design, while designing live, and on the frontend of your site. Elementor literally offers limitless design possibilities. It includes dozens of useful widgets, a stunningly designed template library, a unique mobile editing toolset and a visual revision history feature. These are actually just some of the features available for you in […]

BuddyPress overview

BuddyPress helps you build any kind of community website using WordPress, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more. You can automatically install the BuddyPress plugin when doing a demo import or you can manually install the plugins from WordPress repository. After BuddyPress is installed, go to WP Admin -> Settings -> BuddyPress to change plugin settings. Components […]

Bundled plugins

Seeko is very modular and has most of its functionality separated in plugins. This way you activate the functionality you need and make sure you gain the best performance. Seeko requires several plugins to take advantage of its full features: SQ Theme Core (Settings core and advanced features) @author SeventhQueen Elementor ( Front-end Page Builder) STAX Header Builder ( Front-end Header Builder) […]