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Chapter: Customising Theme

How to Change the Look and Feel.

Changing section icons in profiles and groups

On profile and group pages, you’ll see icon bars like the one shown above. You can change these icons to anything you want, here’s how… 1: CSS IDs Start by finding the CSS selector for the icon you want to change. You will need the id of the <li > element associated with the icon. On profile pages it will end with “-personal-li” and […]

Increase Site Performance using Kleo theme settings

The performance of a Kleo themed website or blog is a very crucial part of maintaining a good website. A fast and functional website, news website or blog could not only keep your followers and users satisfied, but also, even though page loading time and website functionality is indeed a Google ranking measure, a swift and well-optimized website should further […]

Overriding a file with the child theme

You can override the parent theme files by copying them to the child theme and making any changes as needed. To do this you will need to connect to your host via SFTP/FTP or via your hosts file browser. Note: If you do not know your details to connect via SFTP/FTP then please contact your host for assistance. Download your […]

Introduction to the child theme

Child themes allow you to make small or large changes to the parent theme’s design or structure in an update safe way. Any changes made in the Kleo child theme override original files. To get started with using a child theme you’ll first need to have the Kleo theme installed, then install and activate the child theme that comes bundled […]

How to Setup Facebook Login / Fix Facebook Login

App Domain Issue Hello everyone, many of you have the login with facebook issue, the one that doesn’t show the facebook login screen, doesn’t login or give the “APP DOMAIN error” Read carefully the following steps in order to fix those issues and be able to use the facebook login 🙂 Step 1 (Facebook App Creation) : Go to https://developers.facebook.com Create […]