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Release notes and other useful articles.

How To Link Your WordPress Site With HubSpot

HubSpot makes it easier for you to expand your business site further. It simply turns visitors into leads, transforms them into clients, and tracks your site’s progress. Using HubSpot’s free plugin, one can quickly: Engage live chat visitors and chatbots, and make form & pop-up leads. Create stunning, informative email newsletters and drive your marketing automation campaigns. Manage the entire […]

GeoNames integration – City Autocomplete

Hello 🙂 If you want to enable the city auto-completion at your city field, follow the steps below 🙂 1- Register at GeoNames.org   After the registration, Geonames will send you an activation link to your email, click it and continue with the following step. 2- Activate web services at GeoNames Once Activated your account, go to http://www.geonames.org/manageaccount  or click at your […]

Theme Folder structure

We have built this theme with WordPress best practices in mind so it can be easily customized. activity – Buddypress custom templates for activity pages album – Buddypress custom templates for album pages assets – contais stylesheeet, javascript, image files used by the theme font – Font Awesome files images scripts – javascript files used by the theme styles /app.css – file […]

RESPONSIVE guidelines

What is Responsive design? Responsive means that the content will adjust to every screen width and you can control how appearance will be through media queries. You can find the responsive media queries in responsive.css CAUTION: Do not change main theme files. If you want to add your own css, please enable the Child Theme and put your custom css […]

Accordion Shortcode

Shortcodes are small texts wrapped in “[” and “]” that are converted by WordPress. This theme has a built in button in your editor for you to easily add shortcodes. Using this button you will open a  configuration screen and easily generate shortcodes and build pages right away. Accordion [kleo_accordion] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Title 1″] Accordion Item Content 1 [/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”Title […]

Post formats

Post Formats was introduced with Version 3.1. A Post Format is a piece of meta information that is used to customize presentation of a post. Sweetdate supports 9 different formats. Standard format –  is the default blog entry and looks like this: Aside Format enabled will make your Post look like this: Audio Format enabled will make your Post look like […]


Testimonials can be added just like a normal post. You can add testimonials from WP Admin -> Testimonials. You can display testimonials with Testimonials Widget. Go to section WIDGETS AND SIDEBAR in this document.

HTML Structure

We have build this landing page on top of Zurb Foundation Framework. You can take a look here http://foundation.zurb.com/old-docs/f3/components.php and see it’s awesome features in action. The grid is built around two key elements: rows and columns. Rows create a max-width and contain the columns; columns create the actual structure. For layouts to work properly, always put your page content inside […]

CSS Files and Structure

We’re using several CSS files in this theme: – assets/styles/foundation-nonresponsive.css – these are generic styles, resets & normalization. – assets/styles/responsive.css – styles only for responsive design – assets/styles/font-awesome.min.css – Font Awesome by Dave Gandy is “the iconic font” and has a great numaber of icons, 249 at this moment and are continuously growing. Font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean […]

Javascript Files

This template imports several JS files. Most of JS (scripts) are loaded at the end because it will increase speed and rendering. The JS files in this template are: jQuery Library Modernizr Foundation Template custom scripts – assets/scripts/app.js – All custom functions are written and initialized in this JS file. Each section of this file is commented for better understanding. […]

Included PSD Files

All PSD source files are located in PSD folder logo.psd – Logo for themplate layout_homepage.psd – Homepage layout_profilepage – Profile page modal_forms – Login/Register modal forms patterns – Patterns isolated from layout.psd status_icons – Icons for “Call To Actions” section btnGoUp – Button “Go to top”

My site is slow. How to speed up my website?

In this article I’ll try to provide you an in-depth response related to speed problems on your site. You need to remember that not the theme is the cause for your slow website. Quick steps to speed up your site – Deactivate plugins that you don’t really need – Optimize your images ( Smush it plugin or any other ) […]